Read-Only Mayhem is a local co-operative multiplayer action game where players play as either Floppy or Cassette as they fight to resist getting phased out by the CD-Rombies and FleshDrives.

You have to work together though; you share the same weapons and the same lives!


Cassette: WASD to move, F to attack

Floppy: Arrow keys to move, / to attack

Spacebar: Switch weapons with each other


Yeo Joey: Art, Programming

Tan Yui Wei: Art

Tran Tien Dat: Programming

Muhammad Hanif Bin Ghazali: Programming, Music and SFX

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorsNifster, Joey Yeo
Made withUnity
Tags8-Bit, Arcade, chiptune, Local Co-Op, Retro
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


Download 13 MB

Install instructions

Extract the .zip, and run the .exe while its in the same folder as the data folder.

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